Meet Kerstin Benton

Kerstin benton

Hi, I’m Kerstin! I am an ACE Personal trainer with over 18 years of experience helping people transform their lives, both physically and mentally.

Every client has specific goals, which are taken into consideration when designing a personalized fitness and health program. Over the years I have implemented many unique programs such as circuit bootcamp, treadmill and strength training combos, as well as outdoor golf cart path obstacle courses, all-inclusive transformation programs, and online training. To keep my clients motivated and to ensure results, no two workouts are ever the same. Clients will also receive a sub-max heart rate test in order to customize weekly cardiovascular programs which include an array of exercises, along with specific heart rate zones to prevent plateaus.

I have worked with the high school soccer player looking to improve speed and agility, the mom that is looking to lose excess body-fat, and the elderly gentleman rehabilitating after his back surgery. I am confident that no matter who you are, and no matter how old or young or how fit or unconditioned you may be, that there IS A PLAN for you! Let me help you on this journey to success!

Transformation Is Never Easy, But It’s Possible.

Make the necessary changes and become the best version of you!