body by benton
“I was very impressed with her training techniques and her ability to give individual attention while working with a group of women who wanted to achieve different results. I was amazed at how I was able to transform and reshape my body. I had tried a variety of trainers throughout those years but I felt like it was a waste of money! I reached out to Kerstin to see if she could help me long distance through email, phone calls and texting and she said yes!! She created a food plan for me, as well as an exercise routine that was different everyday. She was always very encouraging!! We did that for 30 days every single day.”
Terry Brander
“The 90 day challenge helped me become serious and disciplined about improving not only my physical fitness, but also, my overall well-being. Today, I continue to train under Kerstin….the best trainer!! And already in the sixth week of my second 90 day training session, I have lost another 10 pounds!! I am always looking forward to her great workouts that includes; not only great physical training, but also her guidance and recommendations on good healthy eating habits for a well balance life style.”
Jorge Cortes
“I could not have done this without the support of Kerstin and my co-workers. I have been able to laugh and enjoy life again because of exercising. Not only did it help me, but my co-workers have benefited from exercising as well. I have made a commitment to put my health first and continue this journey of loving me. Thanks Kerstin, I am forever grateful to you!!”
Grachel S. Horton

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